Mike Chatwin Photo // Film

Mike Chatwin Photo // Film

Mike Chatwin // Photographer // Vancouver

A Story Teller

Born and raised in Vancouver I have been spoiled with beautiful surroundings that would turn anyone into a photographer. Trust me, it does. I was no different. I’ve pointed my camera at all the pretty stuff this city has to offer.

It wasn’t until I realized that photography was about connecting with people that I found my purpose. As a photographer I’m a professional outsider. It’s my job to stay out of the way and tell a story. That doesn’t happen without a certain level of trust. I spend much more effort creating the trust than I do the images.

Sometimes it’s black and white, sometimes it’s not.

Every project is unique and requires it’s own approach. I wear two hats as a photographer. I shoot for you and I shoot for me. When I shoot for you we work together to tell your story.